Inside the Heart of Charity – Exclusive Interview with our JCCT Ambassador Lili

Last year, seven young people signed up to become JCCT Ambassador’s promising to tell others about what we do, raise money and help us at our events.

At our first ever meeting, over some delicious snacks, they introduced themselves to each other. We were absolutely blown away listening to them outline how they got involved with our charity. Some received support when they were younger, some were introduced by their grandma who volunteers for us and others have a sibling with disabilities who have been supported by us. They have begun to form some super plans with us for this year with their first event taking place at Government House in June.

Lili Calvani is 9 years old and together with her brother Leo and five other young people, she tells others about JCCT, raises money for us and helps at our events.

Recently Fiona Vacher, Executive Director spoke with Lili to find out about what it is like being an Ambassador for JCCT.

Lili, why do you enjoy being a JCCT Ambassador?

“I enjoy raising money and communicating with the younger children, especially when they might be struggling a bit.”

What has been the best event that you have helped at so far?

“I quite liked the Christmas one at the Jersey Museum. It was for the children, their parents and also lots of grown up supporters of the JCCT.”

And have you raised any money for JCCT?

“Yes, I made pom-poms – it was kind of my idea and I made them with my pom-pom maker and sold them to my friends at school. I raised around £30 doing that.”

Is there anything you wouldn’t like to do as an Ambassador?

“As long as I don’t get dirty, I’m happy to get stuck in!”

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