Help a Life Take Flight

Every child in Jersey deserves their best start in life

We want to give every child their best start in life. By becoming part of our monthly giving community you will help shape their future. Join today to help children when it matters most.

80% of your brain develops before you are three.

This is when the foundations for a child’s future are made. This is when they learn to fly. Help a life take flight.

£8 /month

could pay for a sensory pack

£16 /month

could pay for one hour of support

£25 /month

could pay for a nursery session

I support JCCT because they are truly life enhancing, by providing her with a one on one carer, Iona, they enable Holly to attend nursery school which has been invaluable in advancing her development.

In September Holly will be 5 which means she will no longer be under the auspices of JCCT but we will not be cancelling our standing order so that in some way we will be helping to support another … child to achieve their potential.

Ruth Marks

Holly’s Grandmother

The truth is I do not know what Tove and I would have done without JCCT.

We are so grateful for what you all do.

Davey Gant


The difference we made in 2022

hours of support were given through the Special Needs Inclusion Programme
children were funded part time nursery places
0 %
of children on our programmes made progress in their development