Nursery programme introduces mini mavericks to the wonders of aviation

Children in ten island nursery schools will embark on a journey of discovery with the return of the Ogier Engineer programme this month.

The programme is part of a long-running collaboration between the Jersey Child Care Trust (JCCT) and the professional services firm Ogier, teaching young children about aeroplanes and the thrills of flight.

Taking a creative approach, children learn through crafts, storytelling, play and hands-on activities delivered by Ogier Engineers and JCCT colleagues. Fuelled by children’s fascination for aeroplanes, the programme is a door to rich STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning for even the youngest of minds.

Alice Bennion, Programmes and Inclusion Manager at JCCT, said: “The Ogier Engineer programme is an engaging experience for aspiring aviators. It’s more than just aeroplanes. It’s about igniting a passion for exploration and learning and helping more children’s lives take flight.”

“Our partnership with Ogier has not only lent us crucial support for the programmes we deliver within the community. It has also fostered a truly rewarding experience for Ogier Engineers and some of the youngest members of the Jersey community and is an incredible platform for children, Early Years Practitioners and corporate volunteers to connect, inspire, and learn from one another.”

In March, Dr Bennion delivered a fun and interactive training session for 20 Ogier volunteers who are now official Ogier Engineers. During the session, the volunteers mastered the art of making paper planes, tested our crafts, and learn some signs to help communication and songs in preparation for their visits to local nurseries.

Nicola Carroll, Ogier’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, said: “The Ogier Engineer programme is a unique volunteering experience. Pilot hats off to our colleagues jumping our of their comfort zone to join this exceptional learning opportunity.

“We’re grateful to JCCT for the opportunity to support their ‘Help a Child Take Flight’ campaign, which aims to enable every child in Jersey to have access to the nurture, care and learning they need, including those with disabilities, developmental delays, and those experiencing childhood poverty. Our 2024 cohort of Ogier Engineers are excited and ready for take-off!”

Our 2024 cohort of Ogier Engineers are ready for take-off: Andrea Wilson, Brigid Burns, Conor Middleditch, Danielle Vallois, Hayley O’Donoghue, Izabela Hardyn, Jamie Taylor, Laetitia Rosa, Leanne Allison, Lucy Fraser, Lucy Poignand, Lucy Warren, Maria Varsanyi-Danyi, Michelle James, Monika Karecka-Kaye, Mucha Felton, Nicola Carroll, Sarah Parish, Simona Grigoras, Uma Kafile.

Thanks to the support and navigation of the Ogier Engineers, each nursery group also jet sets to an exclusive destination – a behind-the-scenes tour of Jersey Airport, hosted by the Ports of Jersey. On this captivating and interactive adventure, the children learn about what happens at the airport, sit in a small aircraft and explore the fire engines stationed at Jersey Airport.

Ten local nurseries will benefit from the 2024 programme, beginning in mid-April. These are: Busy Bees Castle Quay, Busy Bees Leeward, Centre Point Green Street, Charlie Farley’s Day Nursery, Westmount Day Nursery, Beaulieu Convent School, FCJ Pre-School, Happy Hatchlings, Silverstar Pre-School, and Village Pre-School.

Photo credits: Dasa Wharton Photography

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