Outstanding Achievements at the Wilma Allan Award 2023

We are thrilled to announce Natalie Lempriere as the recipient of the prestigious Wilma Allan Award 2023. Nominated by Mrs Louise Jones-Butel, Manager of Nestling Day Care, Natalie has been recognised for her exceptional dedication and exemplary practises in the care and education of young children.

The Wilma Allan Award, established over eight years ago in memory of colleague Wilma, celebrates individuals who go above and beyond in their commitment to nurturing and educating the island’s youngest children. The award ceremony took place at a grand reception hosted at Government House on Thursday 9th November, by Jersey’s Lieutenant Governor, Vice Admiral Jerry Kyd CBE, and Dr Karen Kyd.

At the heart-warming event, patrons His Excellency and Dr. Kyd presented the Wilma Allan Award to Natalie Lempriere, acknowledging her outstanding contributions to the field.

In presenting Natalie with her award His Excellency and Dr Kyd said, “tonight is it is about the people who are doing that care – it’s not easy looking after children. You do a fantastic job for Jersey’s children and we are really lucky to have you.”

In addition to the Wilma Allan Award, two other commendable recognitions were presented during the ceremony. The Pirates and Princesses Award, presented by Phillip Callow, JCCT’s Chairman, was awarded to Westmount Day Nursery for their remarkable fundraising efforts, securing top spot for the second consecutive year during the Pirates and Princesses Week.

The Supporter of the Year Award was bestowed upon Mrs. Ruth Marks, a dedicated advocate for JCCT. Her unwavering commitment and support inspired the charity to create it’s Regular Giving Campaign. Mrs Marks, who shared her personal story through a touching video, emphasised the crucial support JCCT provided to her granddaughter, Holly, who has Angelman Syndrome. Without the charity’s support, Holly would not have been able to attend nursery and have the positive early years experiences that she had.

The evening was filled with camaraderie and gratitude as Trustees, employees, volunteers, and supporters of JCCT came together to celebrate these remarkable individuals and their contributions to the community.

JCCT extends it’s heartfelt congratulations to Natalie Lempriere, Westmount Day Nursery, and Mrs Ruth Marks for the well-deserved recognition. Their commitment to the well-being and development of Jersey’s children in truly commendable and inspiring.

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