Wilma Allan Award Nominations 2023

The Annual Wilma Allan Award was created to recognise a student or recently qualified practitioner whose practice has been noticed as going ‘above and beyond’. The award was created in memory of former JCCT employee, Wilma Allan, who was a person who noticed the actions of hardworking, unassuming achievers who constantly deliver.

Students or practitioners may be nominated by their manager or by families they work with. The award acknowledges those who have gone above and beyond what is expected of them. This could be great examples of communication with others, an impressive activity that has had an impact on young children or something else that stands out and has been noticed.

You can nominate any student or recently qualified Early Year’s Practitioner by simply telling us their name and what they have done. Either phone Kate at the Jersey Child Care Trust on 629901 or email kate@jcct.org.je between now and the end of the summer term.

Once we have your nomination we will contact the nominee to provide more information about what the nominated person has done. This might be through photos, supporting statements, a short film clip or written submissions to show: what they did, why they did it, what difference it made and how you know it made a difference.

The judging panel will meet in September to decide a winner. The award will be presented by His Excellency Vice Admiral Jerry Kyd and Dr Karen Kyd (our patrons) at a reception at Government House. Here the winner will receive an engraved medal, £500 to spend on professional development opportunity and £500 worth of toys and resources for the setting that nominated them.

Photograph by Dasa Wharton Photography

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